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How does NeuroFlow work?
NeuroFlow helps you take control of your whole health, both physically and mentally. Complete simple, personalized activities to help you build skills towards improved mental wellness. Plus, you’ll get gift cards for making progress towards a happier, healthier you!



How to get started:
1. Once you receive an invite from your provider or organization, download the app (iOS or Android) or sign up online and create an account.

2. Complete an activity from your To Do List to start earning rewards points, redeemable for gift cards.

3. Explore and learn at your own pace!

You’ll be able to:

Complete self-care activities like breathing exercises or journaling.

Track your mood, sleep, stress, and pain to view progress.

Stay engaged with your overall wellness whenever, wherever you are.

Earn rewards points that are redeemable for gift cards.

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"This app has changed and enriched my life"

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