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Hopeless. That’s how many chronic back pain sufferers describe their condition. Whether it’s mild or severely debilitating, back pain can truly sour your quality of life. Instead of prescribing unnecessary pain medications and procedures, we treat your back pain at the source so you can take back control of your life, work, and relationships.


Most individuals will experience back pain at least once during their lives. Here are the common causes.


Find out the common signs and symptoms of back pain.


Learn about the different treatment options for back pain.


There are many causes for back pain, but the majority result from injury, repetitive body positions, and some medical conditions.

In many cases, back pain is caused by muscle or ligament strain. It can also be caused by compression of the spinal nerves. 

The majority of individuals develop back pain due to poor habits such as:

  • Muscle and postural imbalances
  • Lifting, pushing, or pulling objects incorrectly
  • Overexertion

Common conditions associated with back pain include arthritis, osteoporosis, ruptured or bulging disc, ligament or muscle strain, and skeletal irregularities.

Our providers focus on diagnosing your condition accurately so we can get you on the path to recovery faster.

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If you’ve suffered from a recent injury then your symptoms may be obvious, but most people who are experiencing back pain have been dealing with it for a long time. Not only is it emotionally taxing, but its effects on your quality of life can be far-reaching. Activities like walking, driving, and playing with your kids and/or grandkids can become physically intolerable.

Symptoms can vary depending on the cause of your pain and the severity of your injury, but include:

  • Trouble bending or twisting your back
  • Feeling a dull ache or stabbing pain
  • Pain radiating down one or both legs
  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling
  • Limited range of motion or flexibility
  • Inability to stand up straight

While it may feel easier to accept these nagging pains as a part of your daily life, medical studies have shown that a multidisciplinary approach is effective for treating chronic back pain. By combining interventional pain management with alternative therapies and medicines, we’ve helped thousands of patients reduce their back pain and return to functionality.

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Treatment will depend on the type of back pain. Some types of back pain are treated with over-the-counter medications and ointments. In other cases, your provider may recommend prescription medications, cortisone injections, or physical therapy.

Our superpower is getting to the root cause of your back pain so we can discuss which treatment options are available to you.

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The first step to understanding your pain condition and getting the right treatment is scheduling a new patient consultation. Ask your general practitioner for a referral or simply call our office to get scheduled.

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The consultation is an opportunity to share your story, understand your pain condition, and discuss possible treatment options with your doctor. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of what’s causing your pain and how to treat it.

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We’ll develop a personalized treatment plan, monitor your progress, and adjust your care as needed so you can get back to living a happy and pain-free life.

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“I call Dr. Thakkar The Cage Match Doctor. He has really fought for us and has saved our family. My husband has a rare disease that is described as the most painful condition in medicine. We have been to Mayo, Barrow, and Cleveland Clinic, but no one could help. Dr. Thakkar put together a plan that has given my husband quality of life.”


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“Dr. Pico has been doing radiofrequency ablations on me and I've gotten 18 pain-free months from each one. I'm about to get my 3rd round of radio frequency ablations because they have been a godsend to keeping me pain free. The back pain I have is debilitating and Dr. Pico has done a fantastic job at giving me a chance at a more pleasurable life.” 


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