5 Acupuncture Myths Debunked

by AZ Pain Doctors, on May 20, 2020 8:18:44 AM

Acupuncture is a practice that has been refined over thousands of years.


This healing practice originated in certain streams of Eastern medicine, and the explicit goal is to balance the energy forces of the body. A professional certified acupuncturist will insert tiny sterile needles throughout various points in the body. These points connect to larger energy pathways that free up blocked energy and allow it to release, often helping to relieve chronic discomfort as well.


A lot of people who are more familiar with modern Western medicine might feel suspicious when they hear talk of energy. While energy does indeed drive every person and everything else on this earth, the theory behind this practice is difficult to validate, in a scientific sense, and thus, a lot of people will approach these types of ideas with a degree of skepticism.


However, just because something can’t be measured, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. One thing that can be quantified is the reduction in chronic pain in Phoenix, and scientific studies are only now starting to discover how effective acupuncture can really be in terms of pain management in Phoenix. Not surprisingly, acupuncture is becoming more and more popular across the United States in terms of treating common conditions like back pain in Phoenix.


An integrated pain clinic in Phoenix may provide acupuncture services in addition to more traditional Western medicine oriented solutions, and this type of holistic treatment protocol really allows their patients to experience the best of both worlds, so to speak. In addition to helping alleviate chronic pain in Phoenix, many also report a general sense of wellbeing and vitality after just a few short sessions.


That said, a lot of people still remain resistant to trying acupuncture, and this resistance can often be traced back to a lot of unfounded myths floating around out there about the practice. This article aims to clear up the confusion so that those suffering from conditions like neck pain in Phoenix can try it out for themselves and truly experience all the wonderful benefits this ancient body therapy has to offer.


So, without further ado, these are five of the most common myths about acupuncture, debunked!

1. It is Painful

Chronic pain in Phoenix is painful. However, most people find acupuncture surprisingly comfortable, and some even find it downright relaxing.


Firstly, the needles used are super small. They are actually only about the width of an average hair. As such, they really don’t hurt when they are inserted into the skin. Most people barely even feel it.


That said, a person who goes into their first acupuncture session might expect to feel a bit strange or heavy as their blocked energy channels begin to open up. This is perfectly normal and is a good indication that it is working.

2. Acupuncture Doesn’t Really Work

Another common assumption about acupuncture is that because it is old, it should be discounted. This might be true of a lot of early medical practices that have fallen by the wayside, like say, letting blood to treat an injury. However, it is not true of acupuncture.


This carefully maintained tradition actually has been proven to be a lot more effective than most scientists could have guessed. Sometimes, taking a long time to truly perfect a craft can really pay off. Today, reputable medical institutions are recommending acupuncture for a variety of ailments, diseases and conditions, including chronic pain in Phoenix.


There is even evidence to suggest that acupuncture can sometimes fully eliminate a need to prescribe other opioid-based medications, or at least allow patients to lower their dosage, and that is something to celebrate!

3. Acupuncture is Too Expensive

Another common assumption about acupuncture is that most people wouldn’t be able to afford the treatments. Once again, this myth is more often than not, totally unfounded. While acupuncture is indeed specialized, it is also quite affordable. In fact, an acupuncture session will usually cost around the same amount as a standard massage.


In addition, regular visits to an acupuncturist will often reduce reliance on expensive medications and the need for frequent visits to the pain clinic in Phoenix, and this can help cut long term expenses significantly.


In addition, as the amazing benefits of acupuncture continue to become more widely known and highly recommended, many companies will include a certain amount of acupuncture sessions right into their health insurance policy.

4. Acupuncture is Addictive

People who have tried acupuncture might talk a lot about really wanting to go in for some more sessions, but this is mostly because it just feels so darn good.


There is really no need to worry about becoming addicted to acupuncture. On the contrary, acupuncture is often recommended as part of an addiction recovery treatment program. Acupuncture works on a deep level to reprogram the body, often allowing people to release a lot of habits in life that really aren’t working for them anymore.


There is no chemical element involved to cause the body to form a physical dependency, and while a person will often have to take it a few sessions to really reap the benefit, the effects tend to be long-lasting and profound.

5. Acupuncture Provides Immediate Results

Acupuncture is a long term solution to chronic pain in Phoenix. This means that some people may not come out of their first session feeling noticeably different.


This is why a pain clinic in Phoenix will generally recommend at least a few sessions in order to ensure real and tangible results. Some people will need to come back as many as 10 times to feel a difference, and others might feel very differently even after walking out of their first session.


The point here is that acupuncture is a personalized process, and the changes might come on more gradually than they would with Western-based medicine practices. So don’t give up after the first session. Chances are the best is yet to come!

The Takeaway

Acupuncture can be used on its own in conjunction with other types of treatment in order to provide comprehensive pain management in Phoenix for a whole host of conditions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a local pain clinic in Phoenix to find out more.