7 Signs You Need Advanced Pain Management

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Nov 26, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Did you know that 50 million people in the United States suffer from chronic pain? It's more common than you may think.

While there's no universal cure for all types of pain, there are different ways to manage it. One of the best ways is by getting help with advanced pain management from a reputable clinic.

There, the doctors can help you come up with a plan that will make managing your chronic pain much easier.

Not sure if your pain is severe enough for advanced pain management? There are some signs that you should be on the lookout for. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Your Pain Affects Your Quality of Life

If your pain is affecting your overall quality of life, it can be a problem.

Do you cancel plans or have trouble going on with your daily tasks? If your pain is stopping you from going to work or from enjoying your life, then you might need treatment.

Another way that it can affect you is through your sleep patterns. Have you found it difficult to sleep due to the pain that you're experiencing? This can be damaging to your health in more ways than one.

Lack of sleep can leave you at a higher risk of problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

If your pain has stopped you from leading a normal life, you could benefit from management for advanced pain. Everyone deserves to enjoy life and advanced pain management can help you do it.

2. You Feel the Pain Spreading

It's one thing to have pain in a certain area, but when it starts to spread, it can mean that the issue is worsening.

You might feel that the pain is moving altogether, or that it's spreading out over a larger area. Both of these feelings can indicate that you need advanced pain treatments.

If the pain is getting worse, you should see a specialist as soon as possible. The sooner you can manage it, the better you'll feel.

3. Your Motion is Affected

Have you noticed that your pain is triggered when you move? Maybe you have trouble moving a limb or body part due to the pain you're experiencing?

Many issues can cause this such as an injury. Usually, minor pains from injuries go away on their own. But if you're experiencing pain where you have already healed, there could be a bigger problem.

Even if this pain isn't from an injury, it can still be important to treat. There could be other underlying problems that need to be addressed. This could include issues like arthritis or bursitis.

When you get advanced pain management treatments, the specialist will be able to pinpoint the location of the pain. From there, they'll be able to find out what is causing it.

4. You Take Medicine to Alleviate the Pain

Over-the-counter medications can often give you some temporary relief from the pain. In some cases of chronic pain, these medications might not help.

It may seem like a great way to treat your pain if it works for you. The downside is that it can end up doing a lot of damage if you use them for long periods.

There are many long-term side effects of using medications such as ibuprofen. If you take ibuprofen every day to manage the pain, you could be doing more harm than good for your body.

Advanced pain treatments are a much better way to manage the pain. They usually don't leave you with many severe side effects like over-the-counter medicines do.

There are many different treatments such as acupuncture or trigger point injections. They are much safer and more effective over the long term.

So, if you're using drug store medications to manage your pain daily, advanced pain management might be right for you.

5. You Feel Odd Sensations

Sometimes, pain can be accompanied by odd sensations. Commonly, it is in the form of numbness.

Often, this type of sensation indicates that you might have nerve damage. This can be very serious if it's left untreated.

If it's determined that you do have nerve damage, there are a few ways that you can start managing advanced pain. For example, there are nerve block treatments that can help you get some relief.

6. Your Pain Was Getting Better, But It's Stopped Improving

Sometimes, pain can go away on its own. In some cases, pain can actually start to get to better, but suddenly hit a point where it stays the same.

This can be frustrating and you might need to have professional treatment to get over this rut. By working with the doctor, you'll be able to find a treatment that helps you to get past this barrier.

7. Your Pain Won't Go Away

One of the biggest indicators that you may need advanced pain management is that you don't get relief from your pain at all.

Some pain can start out being mild, but become more intense as time goes on. Other types can be severe from the moment they take place.

No matter what type of pain you have, it should be taken care of if it's severe and persistent enough to impact your life. If you never seem to get a break, then it can be hard to manage.

Advanced pain management can help control your pain. This way, you'll be able to get some relief and enjoy your life much more.

Is Advanced Pain Management Right for You?

Dealing with pain is difficult, and you shouldn't have to suffer. Through advanced pain management, you can find treatments that work for the type of pain you're experiencing. Working with doctors to come up with a plan is the best way to get yourself back on track.

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