Common Activities That Can Cause Serious Injuries

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Feb 10, 2020 4:21:02 AM

When people picture individuals who suffer from chronic pain in Phoenix, they usually picture a person who was participating in a crazy activity that led to them developing an injury with long-lasting impacts on their body. However, in many cases, it is fairly normal activities that led to a person experiencing serious neck pain in Phoenix.

In fact, the vast majority of people who require pain management in Phoenix are in there because they did something that they have done a hundred times in the past but this time caused some part of their body to become injured. Here are a few common activities that have the highest possibility of causing someone to develop a serious injury.

Cutting Avocados

This type of food has become more popular than ever before in recent years, with many restaurants now offering this as an ingredient in many of their dishes. For this reason, more people are beginning to purchase and prepare avocados at home as well.

When doing any cooking, there is always a potential risk due to the sheer number of sharp and hot things that are often involved in the process. However, cutting avocados is particularly dangerous due to the process that is required in order to remove the pit from the avocado.

In order to safely consume an avocado, the large brown pit placed in the center of the pit needs to be extracted but since it is completely sealed in by the avocado flesh, it is difficult to remove it without smashing the avocado. Therefore, many people resort to cutting into the pit with their knife, which needs to be done in a very quick and hard motion.

If done properly, the knife should wedge into the pit and make the person able to easily pull the pit out of the avocado. However, all it takes is a slight miscalculation to result in the knife slipping and cutting into the person’s hand instead. Depending on the size of the cut, this could be an injury that affects a person for many weeks afterward and results in them needing to go to a pain clinic in Phoenix.


When it comes to things that everyone does, there is nothing more common than sneezing. Most people sneeze at least a couple of times a day, with people suffering from allergies often sneezing upwards of ten times a day during the season when they are most often exposed to whatever they are allergic to. Although it is somewhat annoying to be forced to go through, it is not something that most people would consider to be dangerous. However, in certain situations, sneezing causes someone to develop lingering back pain in Phoenix.

This is because of the violent motions that the body sometimes goes through during the sneezing process. The body is essentially going through a mini convulsion during a sneeze, which can occasionally cause an injury to occur, such as a ruptured disc.

Unfortunately,  trying to hold back or stifle a sneeze can have just as devastating consequences. This is because the buildup of pressure from not letting the air freely flow out of the body can result in someone getting a torn blood vessel or a burst eardrum. That is why it is always best to allow a sneeze to happen when someone feels it about to occur.

Climbing a Ladder or Stool

No matter how tall someone is, there is always going to be that moment when they need some help to be able to reach something. For people who do not have a lot of height, this moment could occur on quite a frequent basis. This activity can be quite safe, provided that the person is making sure to follow a few basic safety steps.

For example, it is always best for them to remain three points of contact with either the ladder or a nearby object at all times. This means that they either have both feet and one hand touching the ladder or both hands and one foot. This allows them to steady themselves and minimize the chances of them falling and hurting themselves.

Accidental falls off of ladders and stools can lead to many different injuries, ranging from light bruises and scrapes all the way to broken bones and severe internal damage. The significance of the injuries will depend on a few different things, including how high up the person was when they fell as well as what the age of the person is.

Opening Packages

Believe it or not, people can even injure themselves while trying to open a package. This is most likely to occur when something is put into one of the plastic theft-proof packages. This plastic material is so tough that it requires a pair of scissors, a knife, or other sharp in order to pierce through it at all. Even once making an initial cut into it, opening the package enough to get the item out is not an easy task.

It is during this opening process that someone can easily cut themselves on either the packaging or the object they are using to slice it open. If they are an older individual, then trying to open one of these packages can even result in the person getting a pulled shoulder muscle or sprained wrist.

Scrolling Through a Smartphone

It might be hard to picture how someone might hurt themselves by simply scrolling through their phone, but it is a very real possibility. In fact, more and more young people are beginning to develop neck pain issues as a result of looking at their phones for long periods of time.

Since most people hold their phones quite low, with it usually being about mid-section height, it is forcing people to angle their head downwards as they look through their social media or text people back. After a while, this awkward angle of the head can lead to some serious neck issues, which is something that a person of any age is susceptible to.

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