Effective Daily Habits to Reduce Chronic Pain

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Nov 21, 2019 3:18:45 PM

When it comes to someone who suffers from chronic pain in Phoenix, one of the best methods of treatment for them is to seek medical help from a pain management specialist in Phoenix. However, visiting a pain clinic in Phoenix is not the only thing that someone can do to help ease their pain and suffering. There are also some things that can be introduced into their daily habits that will likely help lower the significance of their back pain in Phoenix.

So if someone is interested in giving themselves the best chance at getting rid of their excruciating neck pain in Phoenix, then they should practice these effective daily habits in addition to seeking out professional medical help.


The average person lives a life that is absolutely filled with stress. After a while, this stress can build up to a point where it manifests itself in the form of things like physical pain. That is why an effective technique for helping deal with chronic pain is to take some time every day to sit down and try to relax.

An effective way to do this is to try some meditation exercises, which are specifically designed to reduce a person’s stress levels. A good time of day to do this is either during the middle of the day, as part of a lunch break or something, or just before bed to help give the person a good sleep.

Light Exercise

Exercising is something that most people suffering from frequent pain tend to stay away from due to the fact that their bodies are already too sore to engage in any strenuous activities. However, if someone is looking to help reduce the significance of their pain, then their best bet is to get back into the gym.

It is important that they do not try and jump back into a fully intensive routine as this will likely cause their body to become even more injured. They should instead start with a much lighter program that is meant to simply maintain the level of muscle tone and strength that they currently have.

By preventing the loss of muscle tone, it allows someone to not become more susceptible to injuries in the future. The small amount of exercise also benefits them by causing a release of endorphins, which help to make them feel good. This will help to slightly drown out any existing pain that they are dealing with.

Cut Out Smoking and Drinking

Although for many people this may not be a particularly easy task to do, they are daily habits that can significantly hinder a person’s ability to deal with their ongoing pain issues. Despite the fact that they may make them feel temporarily better while they are using them, smoking and drinking are only going to further aggravate their injuries over the long run.

Smoking, in particular, has been shown to cause a series of health issues such as poor circulation and lengthy healing times. Most importantly, it has been shown to have a direct link to lower back pain. Therefore, someone who already suffers from back issues should really try to stop smoking if they are interested in getting rid of their back pain.

The negative effects of alcohol are evident much sooner than smoking. Although there are several ways that it negatively impacts someone, the main one that impacts their ability to get over existing pain is how it ruins their sleep schedule. In order to try and deal with pain, the body requires good quality sleep. However, when consuming alcohol, it leads to a short REM sleep cycle, which significantly lowers the overall quality of sleep that night. So if someone wants to have the best chance to deal with their pain issues, then they should seriously consider cutting both smoking and drinking out of their daily life.

Improved Diet

The amount of things that a proper diet can improve is truly astonishing, with physical pain being one of the big ones. In order to try and heal itself and feel good, a person’s body needs a sufficient supply of nutrients. This is only achieved through a proper diet that consists of the recommended amounts of every food group. By making sure that they are consuming a healthy diet, someone is also able to achieve the benefits of having a lower chance of developing digestive and cardiovascular issues.

Keep a Pain Journal

Believe it or not, writing can actually help someone deal with their ongoing pain as well. Not just writing anything though, they need to be writing in their pain journal. This process involves keeping a book that is specifically for documenting how severe their pain is and the activities that they have done that day.

Doing this requires a bit of dedication on the individual’s part because they need to remember to write in it every single day. If they only fill it out once every few days, then the data that they receive from it is not going to be nearly as valuable. Even if they miss and day and try to recall how they were feeling back then, there is a good chance that they will not be able to be as accurate with their pain descriptions and ratings, which will affect the outcome of the data.

The point of documenting how much pain someone goes through on a daily basis is so that a medical professional can look through it after a few weeks or months to see the progression of the pain. By being able to look at this catalog of data, the medical professional should be able to get a clear picture of whether or not the pain has been getting progressively worse or is staying relatively the same. If the pain is something that only flares up every once in a while, then they should be able to see what activities it is that is causing the pain to become an issue.

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