What Someone Needs to Start Doing Yoga

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Jul 22, 2020 1:42:30 PM

When someone is dealing with chronic pain in Phoenix, there are several different things they can do to help deal with it. The most effective option is going to be visiting a pain clinic in Phoenix but it is not the only thing that someone might want to do. There is also the option to start doing some yoga, which has been shown to be a great coping mechanism for some with back pain in Phoenix.


This is because yoga involves getting into a wide range of poses that are able to gently stretch the muscles and various other soft tissues. When combined with more traditional pain management methods in Phoenix, this can begin to make a drastic difference in the amount of discomfort that someone has to deal with on a regular basis.


If an individual has never tried yoga before then they may be wondering what type of equipment they will need in order to do it. That is why this guide is here to help break down the essential items that anyone will need in order to start doing yoga and hopefully help diminish their neck pain in Phoenix.

A Yoga Mat

One of the most basic pieces of equipment that is needed is a yoga mat. This is essentially a thin and soft mat that someone can lay down on and will help provide some additional comfort to the experience. Otherwise, someone would need to lay down directly on the floor, which would be far less comfortable.


The other benefit of having a yoga mat is that they are going to be far more hygienic than laying directly on the floor. This is because yoga mats are going to be cleaned much more frequently than the floor of a person’s home or even within a yoga studio. So using the mat can help them avoid getting covered in germs every time that they want to do some yoga.


But before someone goes out and buys a yoga mat, it is important for them to realize that not all mats are made equal. Therefore, they will need to know what they should be looking for in the perfect mat. Ideally, this will involve choosing one that is made out of more eco-friendly material like tree rubber. But really anything without PVC or latex will be a good eco-friendly option.


The length of the mat will also be critical. If the person is not able to fit both of their hands and feet on the mat at the same time during poses like Downward-Facing Dog, then it will defeat the entire purpose of it. Therefore, someone that is a bit taller should make sure to get a mat that is somewhere around 72 to 84 inches long.


In addition to getting the proper length, they will also need to pay close attention to its thickness. Although all yoga mats are pretty thin, there are still varying levels of thickness, with mats over a quarter-inch thick usually being best suited for more intensive forms of yoga like Power Yoga or Vinyasa. But for most other types of yoga, an even thinner mat is perfectly fine.


Another quality that will need to be examined is the texture of the mat. While the material type on the surface of the mat might not be something that most people think about, it is actually quite an important part of the decision making process. This is because the individual will be spending a lot of time either laying on the mat or placing their hands on the mat. Therefore, if they don’t enjoy the feeling of its texture or it is too slippery, then it could cause a bit of an issue.


Once they have found a mat that fulfills all of these qualities and is not overly expensive, then they should go ahead and purchase it for their upcoming yoga sessions.

A Gym Towel

Another important piece of equipment for someone planning on taking yoga is a gym towel. Unlike a standard bathroom towel, this is going to be much smaller but not quite as small as a hand towel. Instead, it will be a long skinnier towel that is perfectly designed to wipe down equipment or try and absorb moisture from a person’s body.


Even though yoga might not seem like a very vigorous workout, it can actually get quite challenging depending on the difficulty level of the yoga. Therefore, the individual is going to need a towel that they can drape around their shoulders and use to wipe away their face perspiration or lay down on their mat in order to prevent it from getting overly sweaty.


Much like with the mat, the best gym towel is going to be one that is a comfortable texture. It should also be made up of a preferably eco-friendly material that also happens to be very absorbent.

Comfortable, Form-Fitting Clothing

Some people prefer to wear loose clothing when working out in order to avoid any unwanted attention to their figure, it is a good idea to stay away from this habit when doing yoga. Instead, it is a better idea to go with some form-fitting but still comfortable clothing.


Finding some articles of clothing that are able to meet both of these criteria will not always be easy. A person’s best bet is to visit an athletic clothing store and pick up some articles of clothing that are specifically labeled as yoga clothes.


These will typically be made with particularly stretch material that allows the clothing to firmly press up against the body without restricting a person’s mobility or making it harder for them to breathe. They will also want to make sure that they are picking a material that is able to repel sweat so that the clothing does not become soaked with sweat during the workout and become much heavier as a result. They will also want to make sure that they stay away from designer brands that often charge a lot more for clothing that works just as well as articles of clothing that cost half the price.