The Sports That Are Most Likely to Result in an Injury

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Feb 13, 2020 4:26:10 AM

Playing sports, whether in a casual or competitive league, is something that millions of people do throughout the country. It is not just young high school kids that are doing it either. It is thousands of older adults who sometimes already suffer from back pain in Casa Grande.

While it is totally possible that these younger players might get injured and develop neck pain in Casa Grande, it is even more likely that older players will suffer injuries. That is why so few players ever continue to play a sport for more than a few years without developing some sort of injury that increases their chances of experiencing chronic pain in Casa Grande.

Even though all sports have some degree of danger to them, there are certain sports that make someone far more likely to develop injuries that require them to go to a pain clinic in Casa Grande. Here are the sports where a player is the most likely to develop an injury.


This is one of the most popular sports in the country, with nearly every high school and even most middle schools having a basketball team. Therefore, it is understandable that it would result in so many injuries every year. Since basketball requires a lot of running and jumping, it is a person’s lower body that is at the most risk while playing this sport. In fact, ACL tears and ankle sprains are among the most common injuries that basketball players face.

This is because they are regularly putting a lot of force onto these lower joints, which can have destructive consequences after a while. Even though these joints are quite durable, they will become more and more vulnerable when put through prolonged stress, which is exactly what happens during a basketball game or practice that lasts over an hour. There is also a frequent possibility of experiencing a sprained finger due to the sheer number of times that a player has to catch a large basketball, which is often being thrown at them with a high rate of speed.

Some things that a person can do to help limit the possibility of an injury occurring is consistently training for the movements involved in a basketball game. This means that they should be frequently doing cardio in order to get their lower body used to repetitive stress being put onto them. This conditioning will help to make the legs and surrounding joints more durable and less likely to develop an injury while playing. They should also make sure that they are wearing shoes that are specifically designed to be able to absorb shock, which places less pressure on the person’s joints.


It should come as no surprise that football is on this list due to the sheer amount of coverage that there has been in the last few years surrounding player injuries in the NFL. Injuries in football are especially dangerous because they can affect someone both mentally and physically.

For example, some of the most common physical injuries that might occur in football are a dislocated shoulder, ACL tear, sprained ankle, and fractures of various bones. However, there is also the very real possibility that someone might suffer a concussion while playing football as well. This very serious form of brain trauma can lead to lifelong mental consequences such as depression and decreased neuromotor skills.

The reason why football players are so susceptible to both physical and mental injuries is that this sport regularly involves people hitting each other with as much force as possible. Therefore, if someone is running as fast as they can, there is a very real possibility that they could suddenly get stopped in their tracks due to another person running into them with the full weight of their body.

This intense pressure is then transferred to the body, where the various ligaments, muscles, and other tissues are forced to absorb all of it. After this occurs multiple times, it can sometimes put the body under more stress than it is able to handle and results in an injury occurring that sends the player to a pain management clinic in Casa Grande.

Plus, when the body goes from moving very quickly to suddenly being stopped, it causes the brain to move forward quite quickly, resulting in it hitting the sides of the skull. This is sometimes all it takes to cause minor damage to the brain and lead to a concussion forming, which can impact a person’s mental capabilities.

Unlike with basketball, the equipment that players use in football is often standardized, except for a few pieces. Therefore, the best thing that someone can do to help ensure that they can play football with as small of a chance of getting injured as possible, they need to make sure that they are doing the proper exercises and stretches beforehand. They should also make sure that they are consuming a ton of water while playing since wearing all that gear is definitely going to make a person sweat a lot.


When it comes to playing lacrosse, it essentially combines the physical strain of both football and basketball. This is because it is a sport where people are required to constantly run back and forth in a light jog or full sprint, just like in basketball. However, it is more intensive than basketball because lacrosse allows players to run into each other at full speed, just like in football.

Some leagues even allow players to fight one another, which means their bodies are able to be damaged even further. Thankfully, the players are wearing protective equipment that is only slightly less than what football players wear, which means that their bodies are offered some level of protection.

Many of the injuries that lacrosse players are most likely to experience are the same as what people in football are most at risk for. Unfortunately, the only protective measure is to make sure that the person is doing the proper stretches and exercises before each game and practice.

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