Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Causing Long-Term Pain

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Nov 23, 2019 3:20:41 PM

Out of all the fashion choices that a person makes in their daily life, their choice of footwear may be the most important. This is especially true for women who have a much wider variety of the type of shoes that they can wear on any given day. A popular choice for many women is high heels, which can be worn for a variety of jobs and activities. Although far fewer women are choosing to wear high heels nowadays, there are still quite a few who do it at least once every few weeks.

While these shoes do look very good, they are also universally known as one of the least comfortable types of footwear. However, most people believe that the pain associated with wearing high heels is just a short-term thing that is over within a couple of hours after taking them off. However, there are many people who have developed chronic pain issues in Casa Grande as a result of wearing high heels quite frequently, among other things.  

This back pain plaguing Casa Grande residents is something that can haunt them for years to come, which is why it is so important that people think twice before putting on a pair of high heels. However, this does not mean that repeated high heel wearing is going to definitely send someone to the pain clinic in Casa Grande in order to receive treatments.

There is always that someone who can successfully wear high heels without suffering from neck pain in Casa Grande afterward. Here are some effective techniques for minimizing the amount of pain management treatments in Casa Grande that are needed after wearing high heels.

Minimize High Heel Usage

By far the best and most obvious way to help control pain caused by wearing high heels is to only wear high heels every once in a while. Someone who wears them every single day or even every single week is going to be at a much greater risk of developing chronic pain later in life.

While there are not many women that wear high heels every single day, the vast majority of them do wear them multiple times a year. Try to limit wearing high heels to only very special events or occasions, otherwise opting for comfortable sneakers, preferably of the orthopedic variety.  

Even when someone does end up wearing high heels, it is best to follow this strategy and try to wear them as little as possible. This might involve bringing another pair of shoes along, but the hassle of having additional shoes with them is going to be a lot better than the excruciating pain and frequent treatments that are likely going to be needed if they do not.  

It is recommended that when someone does decide to wear high heels, they do so for no longer than three or four hours at a time. This will help to reduce the negative effects that the stance and posture have on the body once they are done wearing the heels.

Get Away From the Point

Not all types of heels are the same when it comes to the damage that they can cause to the body. For example, high heels with a rounded or square toe are far superior to a pointy-toed pair. This is because shoes that have a pointed tip tend to cause the foot to be formed into an unnatural shape. When this is done repeatedly, it can result in a variety of negative consequences showing up.

Not only can someone end up suffering from the minor afflictions of hammertoe, but they can also become a victim of the much worse neuroma. This occurs when the nerves that are contained between a person's toes become inflamed. The result is a sharp pain followed by a burning sensation that needs professional treatments in order to subside. In order to help avoid this, women are much better off going with either a rounded or square tip instead. As long as the high heel uses a wider toe box, then the person wearing them should be fine.

Stretch Before and After

Most people are well aware that they are supposed to stretch before engaging in any sort of strenuous physical activity. However, almost no one takes the time to do some stretches before they put on their shoes. While this is not a crucial thing to do for wearing most footwear, it is necessary to minimize the potential damage caused by wearing heels.

Since wearing high heels throws off a person's balance and posture, it is important that they take the time to properly stretch out their legs beforehand. It is especially important that they target the back of their legs during their stretching exercises. They should be doing this for a couple of minutes both before and after they wear their heels.

Purchase Shoes Later In the Day

One of the most important elements of getting a pair of shoes that is not going to cause a person's body to feel pain is purchasing some shoes that actually fit them. If a shoe is slightly too big, then it is going to end up rubbing around on the outside of the person's foot, which is bound to cause pain. However, getting a pair of shoes that are too small is just as bad. Shoes that are just a little too snug are going to awkwardly cram the foot together, causing the previously mentioned danger of neuroma. That is why people who are shopping for their new pair of high heels to do so during a specific time of day.

Throughout the day, a person's foot will regularly expand and contract. This small difference will not be noticeable to the naked eye, it will make a difference regarding the fit of the shoe. Therefore, shoe shoppers should start visiting stores and trying on pairs of high heels sometime during the afternoon when their feet are at their biggest. This will ensure that their high heels will never become too small for their feet, which helps to minimize pain.

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