Top 10 Benefits of Going to a Pain Management Center

by AZ Pain Doctors, on Nov 24, 2021 1:28:00 PM

Debilitating pain can distract you from living your life properly. When your quality of life suffers, it can make you miserable. You must find a solution to your pain before it comes between important things, like work and family.

If you’re finding it difficult to manage your pain, you may benefit from visiting a pain management center. There are tons of advantages to getting help from a pain management doctor. Take a look below.

What Does a Pain Doctor Do?

A pain doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain. They are trained to spot things that general practitioners may not and they can provide treatments that only they have access to. You can ask your regular doctor to refer you to a pain management doctor near you.

Here are some of the benefits of getting that referral.

1. Personalized Care

It’s important to receive personalized care because no two patients are ever the same. When you visit a pain management center, you’ll benefit from medications, interventional therapy, and physical therapy, all tailored to your needs.

When considering chronic pain, there are many factors that can attribute to the condition. These include lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, weight, stress, and even your posture. Your doctor will be able to evaluate these factors and create a treatment plan that gets you the best results.

2. Cause of Pain

Pain management isn’t just about treating pain; it’s about identifying the root cause. It isn’t always easy to identify the cause of pain but pain doctors are in the best position to do so. Your doctor may arrange several tests in order to perform a thorough evaluation.

Once your doctor can diagnose the reason for your symptoms, it will be much easier to put together a treatment plan that targets your specific condition and what you find most difficult to deal with.

3. Research and Innovation

Research in pain medicine and management develops constantly. Although your general doctor may not be up to date with the newest research, your pain doctor should be. It also means that you’ll have access to the latest treatments for pain much quicker.

Pain doctors can often use injection therapy in tangent with radiofrequency ablation and fluoroscopy. These developments in pain management are ideal for patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. Visiting a pain doctor is often the only way to find true relief from this type of chronic pain.

4. Honest Communication

Your pain doctor will have a vast amount of training and experience. You can guarantee that the type of pain you are in has been seen before. This means you won’t end up looking at a blank stare when you describe your symptoms. 

You can be completely honest about what you’re feeling, physically and emotionally, and it will make perfect sense to your pain doctor. Advanced pain management is about communication just as much as anything else. The more you tell your doctor, the easier it will be to establish why the pain is happening.

It’s also important, to be honest about how your treatment program is working for you. If you aren’t feeling any change in your pain, it’s important to say so. This will mean that your doctor can tweak your treatment plan until you find something that works for you.

What Treatment Methods Are Available?

There are several different treatment methods that your doctor could prescribe for your condition. Including medications to manage your pain, many forms of therapy could alleviate your pain when it’s at its worst. Here are some of the therapies your doctor may recommend:

  • Massage
  • Physical therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Meditation

These therapies can all be used in conjunction with medication and you may try a mixture of these therapies, rather than just one at a time. This will depend on your diagnosis.

Why Choose AZ Pain Doctors?

At AZ Pain Doctors, we understand the detrimental effect that chronic pain can have on your quality of life. Many general doctors will prescribe powerful narcotics without getting to the root of the pain. Here, we diagnose the problem before trying to treat it.

This means we can provide a treatment program based on evidence and best practices. Research suggests that a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to manage pain. Our friendly and qualified team will always aim to reduce your pain as far as possible.

Some of our treatments include acupuncture, botox injections, cortisone injections, epidural steroid injections, Flograft Amino stem cell therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and more.

We are committed to offering the highest standards of service to our patients but most importantly, allowing you to gain a better quality of life. Take a browse through our website at what we offer and the conditions we frequently work with.

Make Your Appointment at Our Pain Management Center

Living with chronic pain isn’t something you should have to put up with. Visiting our pain management center is the best way to start your journey to reduced pain. Seeking the help of a pain doctor expands your options for pain relief; options that your regular doctor may not be able to offer you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the type of treatments available and the tests you can have to get a diagnosis, we’re always here to help. Why not schedule an appointment with us today?

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