Understanding the Different Types of Headaches

by AZ Pain Doctors, on May 22, 2020 8:16:57 AM

There are few adults out there who haven’t experienced a headache at one point or another in their lives, and for many Americans, headaches can become a frequent or recurring occurrence.


The good news is that for people that live with this common type of chronic pain in Chandler, there is a specialized pain clinic in Chandler that can help. Headaches are broadly defined as an unpleasant sensation in the head, but they often go hand in hand with a number of uncomfortable symptoms including both neck pain in Chandler and back and back pain in Chandler as well.


As such, there are also some more serious symptoms that can go along with headaches that can warrant immediate medical attention. This includes the development of a rash, vomiting, confusion, speech difficulties, a fever, partial or full bodily paralysis or stiffness, blurred vision or just particular severe or pronounced discomfort.


That said, for the most part, headaches are a common occurrence, and do not require medical attention. This doesn’t mean that they can’t feel incredibly debilitating though. Headaches might occur on an episodic basis, meaning that they occur infrequently or once in a while, and typically don’t last more than a day.


However, headaches can start having a serious effect on a person’s life when they occur on a regular basis. Those living with this type of chronic pain in Chandler will be living with headaches more than 15 out of 30 days a month, and these headaches might last as long as days. This is where a pain clinic and Chandler can help.


As a first step, understanding what type of headache a person is suffering from can help them get a better grip on successful pain management in Chandler.

4 Common Types of Headaches

Tension Headaches

This type of headache is characterized by an aching sensation that usually feels not, not sharp, and is not localized in any particular area of the head. These types of headaches often occur alongside scalp, shoulder, forehead, or neck pain in Chandler as well.


A tension headache is often brought on by stress. It can be relieved with common over the counter pain relievers when they occur on an occasional basis. Those who experience these types of headaches on a frequent basis should consider exploring professional solutions for pain management in Chandler instead.

Cluster Headaches

This type of headache involves a burning sensation or piercing discomfort. They are localized, and usually center behind the eye or one side of the face. The side of the face that is affected might also exhibit physical symptoms like nasal congestion, teary eyes, redness, flushed skin, inflammation or sweating as well.


Cluster headaches will go away and come back throughout the day, lasting from periods of 15 minutes to a few hours at a time. When they are recurring, people will usually experience a headache at the same time each day, which will recur one to four times before disappearing completely. These series may continue for multiple weeks and sometimes months at a time, and then disappear for a period of time, leaving the sufferer symptom free until they return.


Most people experience cluster headaches in the transitional seasons of spring and fall. Women are less likely to experience cluster headaches than men. While the cause of cluster headaches is still not fully understood, a specialist in pain management in Chandler may prescribe a variety of treatments to reduce the symptoms.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are infamous for producing a deeply uncomfortable pulsing and throbbing that is typically centered on one side of the head. Not everybody experiences migraines, but those who do will often have to put their day-to-day lives on hold for multiple days on end.


Migraine pain is an intense pulsing from deep within your head. Light and sound sensitivity is also common, as is nausea.


The reasons that some people experience migraines and others don’t is totally clear, but it is known that they tend to pass down through families and are more common in those with existing nervous system conditions. They are more common in women than in men. Some sufferers will report visual disturbances like flashing lights or the appearance of lines before the onset of symptoms. Others might experience strange sensations like tingling on the side of their face and might even have difficulty forming words or talking.


Migraines are often brought on by certain triggers. Missing a meal, getting a bad sleep, not drinking enough water, chemical exposure and hormonal variations can all make people more susceptible to experiencing a migraine.


A local pain clinic in Chandler can help migraine sufferers reclaim their lives.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are similar to and can also be referred to as allergy headaches since they can sometimes be triggered by an allergy. A sinus headache is recognizable by the uncomfortable sensations that they produce in the sinuses around the front of the head and nose.


They can also be a common side effect of a sinus infection, which can be treated by antibiotics. However, those with allergies and who are prone to sinus issues may experience these types of headaches on a frequent basis. As such, they might want to consider consulting with an expert in pain management in Chandler.

The Takeaway

Many people will resign themselves to the idea of frequent or recurring headaches being an unavoidable fact of life. Do keep in mind that headaches might occur on their own, or they might be a result of another underlying medical condition. As such, it is sometimes advisable to seek out medical treatment for headaches, especially if they occur on a frequent basis.


Regardless of the underlying cause or trigger for recurring headaches, a pain clinic in Chandler can provide comprehensive treatment that can allow those who suffer from headaches to take back their lives. Be sure to reach out to find out more.


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